Registered specialist Trade Contractors Scheme invite management and site supervisory staff aged 45 or below to join the Young Leaders Network, the network aims to nurture new generations of leaders by a list of activities and provide an impetus and resources platform to strengthen industry cohesiveness.

The new registration requirement of Integrity Management for all registered companies started from 1 April 2022. Senior management staff of the registered companies are required to complete recognized integrity training. To learn more about integrity training, please visit the ICAC’s website.

Designated for Management Personnel of Registered Specialist Trade Contractors, and equivalent to fulfilling the registration requirement on Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Hong Kong Institute of Construction - Safety Training

Date Title Source

2022.11.01 Over 300 well trained graduates are now ready to contribute to HK’s construction industry! Hong Kong Institute of Construction

2022.09.26 The Grace Period of Group 1 Registered Specialist Trade Contractors for Designated Trade Plastering Ends Soon. Submit Application Now to Avoid Removal from the Register. (Chinese Version Only) Construction Industry Council

2022.08.31 “Building Drainage Installation” Added to Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme Starting September 2022 Second Stage ‘Integrity Management’ Registration Requirement will Soon be Implemented Construction Industry Council

2022.06.08 The upgrade of “Building Drainage Installation” to designated trade under the RSTCS takes effect from 1 September 2022. Group 2 registration pre-vetting starts now. (Chinese Version Only) Construction Industry Council

2022.06.02 The Grace Period of Group 1 Registered Specialist Trade Contractors for designated trade Plastering will end on 31st December 2022 (Chinese Version Only) Construction Industry Council

2022.06.02 “Day of Moment of Silence” for Construction Industry Construction Industry Council

2022.05.16 Third Stage of Vaccine Pass Arrangement at Construction Sites Vaccinated with Three Doses with Effect from 31 May Construction Industry Council

2022.05.04 Corruption Prevention on Recruitment of Construction Workers ICAC and Construction Industry Council

2022.04.27 Flexible arrangement for employees who are unable to complete Mandatory Safety Training Revalidation Courses in time (Latest arrangement issued on April 27, 2022) Labour Department

2022.03.29 Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme Continues to Enhance Professionalism Implementation of New Registration Requirement of ‘Integrity Management’ and Upgrade of Two Designated Trades with effect from 1 April 2022 Construction Industry Council

Young Leaders Network aims to groom new generation of young leaders of specialist trade contractor and subcontractors registered under the CIC registration schemes, to be visionary, innovative and committed future leaders for taking part on driving the sustainable development of the Hong Kong construction industry. The Network plays a pivotal role in nurturing young leaders by serving as a resource platform for them in diverse ways. Through a series of interactive activities, the Network provides young leaders with opportunities of cross professions collaboration, constructive stakeholders interaction and relationships development for unleashing their potentials and improving capabilities. Click here for more information. Get Involved